Mosquito magnet

How to eliminate mosquitoes.

Read this advices from the Department of Health to remain diligent in your personal mosquito protection and elimination efforts.
These advices include the "5 D's" for mosquito bite prevention:
  • Dusk and Dawn - Avoid being outdoors during the dusk and dawn hours. In these hours the amount of
    mosquitoes hungry for blood is greatest.
  • Dress - during the dusk and dawn hours wear clothes that coveres a skin.
  • DEET - When danger for exposure to mosquitoes bite exists, you should use a repellents containing DEET. Repellent with concentrations up to 30% DEET can be recommended for most common situations.
    But don't forget that it is not recommended to use DEET on children less than 2 months old!
    For your baby's protection you should keep baby indoors or cover him or her by the mosquito netting when mosquitoes are present. Also you can get additional protection by applying a permethrin repellent directly to your clothing.
    You should always read the manufacturer's annotations carefully before you start using a mosquito repellent.

  • Drainage - Check your home and backyard to rid it of shadowed moisturized places in which mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Also elimination of the bird's nests is an additional factor to an avoidance of reproduction of mosquitoes.

Tips for mosquito elimination:

Keep eaves, troughs and gutters in cleanliness.
Old tires also can be used by mosquitoes for laying eggs. Therefore you should remove all tires from your yard or make holes in tires to drain it.
Empty pots, barrels and other containers should be turned over or removed.
If you have a boat or other equipment - check its tarps, because it may collect water.
Don't forget to replace water in pet's dishes at least once a week.
The same recommendation can be applied to flowers trays, including hanging plants.
Clear up drainage ditches from vegetation or other barrier which prevent outflow of water.

Following these simple recommendations, you can considerably reduce a population of mosquitoes near to your house and make the first step to ultimate mosquito elimination.